Reviews About Edgemar Center’s Ghosts

Michelle Danner head shot

Michelle Danner head shot (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ghosts Review Quotes

“Henrik Ibsen is the master class of drama…” -Life in LA

“Few have more talent than Michelle Danner who plays the lead as Mrs. Alving.” -Life in LA

“Miss Danner gives a heartbreaking, nuanced performance…”

“Powerful…excellent production”

“Osvald, strongly executed by Nate Golon…” -LA Splash

“Nate Golon’s performance is terrific and fascinating.” -Joe Straw

“…theater opportunity one is seeking and is well worth a good look!” -Accessibly Live Off-line

“(Michelle Danner) a job well done.” -Joe Strong

“Fascinating production…the acting was superb…” -Joe Straw

“Lucy Honigman is delightful.” -Joe Straw

“James Giordano’s performance is worth the price of admission.” -Joe Straw

“Paul Stroili as Pastor Manders was quite incredible.” -Joe Straw

“Doug Kaback directed a truly fine production.” -Joe Straw

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