Join The Acting Studio at Edgemar For Art Gallery Opening Reception

You are cordially invited to join us at The Acting Studio at Edgemar for the art gallery opening reception on Sunday, March 4th from 2-5pm featuring RSVP is required:

Felicity Nove
“Poured Paintings”

RSVP is required.
The exhibit will running until the end of April.

*Please email us at
with how many people will be attending

Felicity Nove: Poured Paintings

Informed from my recent work on the nature of “scale” in art and science – paintings evocative of deep sink-holes, galactic hazes, and swirling cosmos which view expansive and stellar worlds through a microscope – I return to a more intimate world of exploration.

In this new series, I focus on the internal and phenomenological landscape.  Inspired by the poems and colors of William Blake‘s drawings, my new paintings explore spatial and temporal consciousness.  Created through kinesthetic awareness and intentionality there is a resulting evidence of ones own physical experience recorded by the suspended pigments and optical effects of play-of-color, iridescence, adularescence, and reflections on the canvas.

These embodied action paintings are evidence of a “body”.


Theatre, dance, music, film, and visual arts come together in one place. Students and seasoned professionals perform side-by-side–their work is a culmination of workshops, rehearsals, and collaborations across disciplines. This is the purpose and the realization of Edgemar Center for the Arts.

We provide a physical environment that nurtures the collaboration between writers, directors, actors, musicians, dancers, and visual artists. Because our focus is on the creative process, our classes and productions actively mix together people of all ages and levels of experience to create an environment of learning.

We invite the community to observe, engage, and interact, to add its voice to our discovery.

Our vision is that children will grow up at Edgemar and people of all ages will take risks, and find their artistic voices. At one of our first fundraisers, Neil Simon, a member of our Honorary Board, said the national trend has been that theatres go out of existence.