Lady Gaga’s ‘Judas’ Video Starring Norman Reedus Gets Early Release

Lady Gaga’s ‘Judas’ video has arrived ahead of schedule! Slated to premiere tonight (May 5) on E!, the much talked about, highly anticipated video found its way on to the internet and went viral hours before the TV premiere time.

The already-controversial ‘Judas’ video depicts co-director Gaga’s take on Biblical motifs, with Mama Monster as a swaggering Mary Magdalene biker chick opposite model-turned-actor Norman Reedus‘s smoldering Judas Iscariot, Jesus’ notorious betrayer. Baptisms, biker brawls and menage-a-trois bathtub scenes ensue. The video’s wardrobe includes chains, leather, bejeweled crosses and, of course, a crown of thorns. All of which provocative content lends weight to creative director Laurieann Gibson anxiety about the fearless Gaga’s sexed-up re-interpretation of the Christian holy book.

Gaga’s eager “monster” fans will not be denied — just a few weeks ago, the ‘Judas’ audio leaked as well, a whole four days early. Gaga has been building the ‘Judas’ video release anticipation and working hard promoting the upcoming ‘Born This Way‘ album with performances on ‘Ellen’ and most recently, on today’s ‘Oprah.’

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