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Michelle Danner
Executive Artistic Director

Larry Moss
Artistic Director

Brian Drillinger
Creative Director

Deb Lavine
Director of Creative Affairs


Jason Alexander
Kate Capshaw
Browne Greene
Leanna Greene
Patricia Heaton
David Hunt
Elaine Joyce
Jerry Katell
Dr. Richard Marrs
Neil Simon
Steven Spielberg
Richard Ulfvengren
Michael Napoliello, Jr.



In the time since Edgemar Center for the Arts has opened it's doors, many wonderful and exciting events and programs have graced our stages and art gallery. Much of our initial success is due to the generosity of dedicated friends of this organization. However, to continue our mission and fulfill our promise to nurture the next generation of artists while continuing to provide a beautiful home for established performers and visionaries, we ask for your continuing support.

The management team at ECA believes passionately that the arts hold up a mirror to the soul of a society. Our communities need that reflection more than ever. ECA is dedicated to developing work from all métiers. Dance, film, music, theater, writing and have many programs currently doing that work. We are ambitious because we know how central the arts are to enhancing, enriching, often saving lives.

It is only with the gifts and donations from supporters such as you, that we can continue these remarkable and necessary programs. Please take a moment to look over our existing Outreach and Creative programs as well as the projects yet to be launched due to lack of funding. You will see there are many opportunities for you to sponsor a program by becoming a Mentor, a Muse or an Angel to a new generation of talent that desperately need a home and safe environment for their emerging creative voices.

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Be a part of ECA’s Outreach programs which serve the community, providing a nurturing and creative environment at no charge. By becoming a Mentor to any of the following Outreach programs listed below, you can do your part in keeping these programs alive by helping us meet our annual budgets.

ECA'S Creative Outlet with YMCA & LA’s BEST
Edgemar Center for the Arts educational outreach program, ‘CREATIVE OUTLET’, in partnership with LA’s BEST and the YMCA provides a positive place for children to learn and grow as individuals while they engage in the creative process. Our 12-week workshops are held after school each Friday to empower students by giving them opportunities to discover their artistic voices, better express themselves and their thoughts, believe in themselves, and make an impact on their society. Classes focus on self-exploration, goal setting, writing, and critical thinking. Students explore and build their skills and abilities to realize their full potential in a supportive learning environment. After-school and weekend programs for youth target visible outcomes with concrete measurements, instilling confidence and giving students a sense of accomplishment. Youth program curricula comply with the standards set by the California Board of Education, and are designed to aid students in developing open communication, leadership initiative, and analytical problem solving skills.

Budget 12-Week Workshop Annual
Program Administrator: $2,000 $8,000
Facilities Expenses: $3,600 $14,400
Props / costumes: $500 $2,000
Food: $480 $1,920
Teachers: $1,800 $7,200
TOTAL: $8,380 $33,520


Assemblies in Motion
‘Assemblies in Motion’ resides at Edgemar Center for the Arts. Each artist is encouraged toward self-actualizing themselves artistically, psychologically, physically and spiritually for purposes of personal growth and social change. Through the use of poetry, music, dance, rap, and hip-hop, AIM continues to richly impact the lives of the young and old, disadvantaged and privileged with its culturally relevant programs and outreaches.

Annual budget

Lighting: $9,000
Sound: $7,000
Facilities Expenses: $18,000
Program Administrator : $8,000
TOTAL: $42,000

Musicians (Variety Show) for Seniors
On going throughout the year once a week program in which musical groups sing from a variety of classic tunes from 20’s & 30’s era, Broadway musicals, jazz compilations, folk and country songs. Performers travel to various hospitals and convalescent homes in the Hollywood & Santa Monica area.

Annual budget

Program Administrator : $24,000
Musical Equipment : $5,500
Equipment Maintanience : $2,400
Prop / Costumes: $1,200
Performers Traveling Stipend $6,720
TOTAL: $39,820


ECA recognizes the importance of providing both new and established artists with the collaborative and supportive space they need to develop their voices and their work. Join us in meeting our budget needs by becoming a Muse to our Creative programs.

The Lab at Edgemar
Through a series of table readings, staged reading and workshop productions, ‘THE LAB @ EDGEMAR’ provides playwrights with the opportunity to hear their work read in front of an audience, collaborating with other artists and receiving feedback from established writers, actors, producers and directors for further development while working with the Edgemar staff.

Table readings budget:
Per reading Annually:
36 readings
Facilities Expenses: $200 $7,200
staged readings budget: Per reading 10 readings
Facilities Expenses: $1,200 $12,000
Workshop Production Budget: Per reading annually 4 workshops
Performers Traveling Stipend $4,500 $18,000

‘Off the Page’ Poetry Series
At ECA’s OFF THE PAGE, poems are treated as scripts. Directors are attached, actors are cast, and poets watch their work move beyond the mic to create an evening of remarkable theater.

poetry series budget:
Per Performances Annually:
8 Performances
Facilities Expenses: $750 $6,000

Songwriters Circle
Songwriters Circle is a listening room where some of today’s top songwriters join with up and coming artists in an acoustic setting to perform new material, sharing their process with the audience. This is an amazing opportunity to hear what the next hit songs will be and how they were developed.

poetry series budget :
Per Performances Annually:
8 Performances
Facilities Expenses: $750 $6,000

Angel-Our Wish List

ECA Angels help us complete our mission to nurturing the arts by providing professional services, equipment and financial support. The following list reflects what ECA needs to remain a vibrant and active part of the community.

• Video Cameras for Children’s Outreach Programs Speakers
*Monitors for Theater Sound System
• Lighting Instruments
• 14’ Projection Screen
• 3000 Lumens LCD Projector w/ Composite Video Capabilities
•Acoustics in Theaters / Gallery
•98 Channel Lighting Board
• Second floor to complete dressing room and office space
• Networked PC-based Computer System w/ Server & Large Capacity of memory (12 total computers) and Printers
• Additional Lighting Equipment (ETC, Source 4)
• Additional Dimmers (Dimmer Pack – 12 or 24)
• Theater Blacks
• Dressing Room Monitors
• 27’’Television for Children’s Outreach Programs
• Storage On-site & Off site
• Outdoor Display Case / Sign
• Power Tools & Hand Tools for Scene Shop
• Wireless Clear-Com System w/ Installation
• Multifunction Copy Machine (i.e.: WorkCentre Pro 32 Color)

Naming Opportunities


Name a Theater

• Call Alexandra for details-310-399-3666 ext1

• Main stage is a 99 seat theater in which we have main stage theater productions, classical, jazz, rock musical event, screenings, outreach programs

• 2nd stage=65 seat theater concentrating on showcasing new and experimental theater productions, jazz, country and rock musical nights, screenings and outreach programs.

Put Your Name on a Chair

Name a theater chair in the Main stage or Second stage: $5,000 donation To learn more about donating, and sponsoring or to contact the managing director, Please call Alexandra 310-399-3666 ext 1 To inquire about space availability for screenings, film locations, special events or private parties please call Alexandra at 310-399-3666 ext 1 To take a tour of our premises. Contact us or take a look at the architectural views below.



Download our volunteer form.